We help families navigate the journey of aging.


Gradually, you begin shopping for groceries for an aging loved one, or helping with household chores. Suddenly, perhaps your father seems confused and forgetful, or your mother falls down and visits the hospital.

Gradual or sudden, we often don’t anticipate caring for aging loved ones.
It is the hardest role we will ever have, though often our most meaningful.


Your partner in elder care

At Grayce, we focus on elder care. We’ve navigated this journey before, so you are not alone. We help to lighten the load.


How we help

From finances to elder law, medical care to living situations and social connections, we know the senior years are complicated.

We start with an initial assessment to understand your needs and goals. We create a personalized plan, advise on resources, and partner with you to support your goals.


Personalized support on your terms

Elder Care advisor

Your team “quarterback” to help navigate the entire elder care journey. Our skilled professionals are trained in aging needs with degrees including social work, psychology, gerontology, and nursing.


Elder Care Coordinator

If you need more time and care support, our coordinators aide as a “extra set of hands.” With your guidance, they virtually arrange daily and occasional needs for your elder’s care.



providing peace of mind